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An important part of any job search is knowing the reputation of the companies looking to hire staff.
We screen all companies before presenting them as an employer to our candidates.
Candidates must try to match their personalities to the culture of the hiring company.

Payroll! you want to know the structure of a company’s payroll. It must coincide with your lifestyle, creating the stability for you and your family.

The culture of a company must be investigated before you attempt to become an employee of that company. Comfort is key in any work environment

Question! are you growing with the current employer or are you developing yourself for the changing workplace? You want to develop and grow from your place of employment.

How does the company stand up to public scrutiny? The company you wish to work for must be reputable. This will be important to your next career move.

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  What We’re Hearing

In my search for a better career, I came across a staff member from Eastman and associates and she told me to register but make sure and take the psychometric test. It was the best decision of my life"
Christine Samaroo, CSR, TSTT

"I just got retrenched - with the change in the economy the company started downsizing. I was told to go to Eastman and Associates Ltd only, they will get u hired quickly. I was hired within a week of being retrenched."
Joel Field, IT Specialist, TSTT

"The fastest and easiest way to get the required staff for the job was to use the outsourcing service offered by Eastman and Associates Ltd."
Sharon Mark, Consultant, Human Resources
"We needed to make CDA much more efficient and productive for the change in our economy. In order to transition to this new way of thinking we used the Eastman and Associates Job analysis and Performance management programs."
Human Resource Department, CDA (Chaguaramas Development Company)