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Featured Job Available at Eastman and Associates Ltd

Most Job Sites post every possible available job from an employer. At Eastman and Associates Ltd
our job compliance system is second to none. We scrutinize, advise and communicate with each
employer before each job is made available to possible candidates.


The Obvious Fit

Have your possible employer saying “DAHHHHHH” when they come across your resume during the screening process. Make sure you mirror the job description and that you accentuate the skills, Education, and Experience necessary for the specific Job.

Pay A Visit

Pay a visit to the company you chose online. Most employers will interview prospective candidates who come highly recommended or who was personally referred to the employer before sorting through thousands of possible resumes.

It's a secret

Activity broadcast on your LinkedIn or any other social media account can make you vulnerable if you’re trying to hide your job search from your employer. Also, Limit the number of edits made to your profile as it can raise concerns.

Don't Be Boring

We realize that people who DOt their I’s and CROSS their T’s, answer or are prepared to answer all of the interview questions and dress impeccably don’t always get the Job. They are considered “BORING” . So “BE DYNAMIC BUT PRECISE”

Get online

If you are not on LinkedIn these days you are almost considered a ghost to the recruitment industry. You should set up an account and take an active role in updating your profile with positive improvements in your career.

Say "Thank You"

Thank You goes a long way in making a great impression on an employer. You should try and craft a thank you card or letter using some of the design tools online or in MS office to say you appreciate their time.

What We’re Hearing

In my search for a better career, I came across a staff member from Eastman and associates and she told me to register but make sure and take the psychometric test. It was the best decision of my life"
Christine Samaroo, CSR, TSTT

"I just got retrenched - with the change in the economy the company started downsizing. I was told to go to Eastman and Associates Ltd only, they will get u hired quickly. I was hired within a week of being retrenched."
Joel Field, IT Specialist, TSTT

"The fastest and easiest way to get the required staff for the job was to use the outsourcing service offered by Eastman and Associates Ltd."
Sharon Mark, Consultant, Human Resources
"We needed to make CDA much more efficient and productive for the change in our economy. In order to transition to this new way of thinking we used the Eastman and Associates Job analysis and Performance management programs."
Human Resource Department, CDA (Chaguaramas Development Company)