Mrs. Eastman is one of the founders of Eastman & Associates Limited and has been the Managing Director since its inception.

Human Resource Management is Gloria Eastman’s business and with thirty (30) years experience in the field, she stands with confidence and capability in a demanding job. She was previously Personnel Officer (Recruitment) at BWIA where she performed with, distinction in the selection of personnel, including Flight Attendants and Pilots, Engineering & Maintenance personnel, etc.

Apart from local training in the field, Gloria was also trained in the United States and the United Kingdom and is now well qualified to tackle a job that brings her into contact with people of different personalities.

Through the years she has studied hard and holds a B.Sc. Degree in Management, Diplomas in Recruitment & Selection and Business Studies, Transnational Analysis and Communication Skills, the qualifications necessary to offer an exceptional service.

In 1983 Mrs. Eastman accepted the first offer of voluntary severance offered by BWIA and soon thereafter, given her enterprising spirit, she established G. Eastman Careers Limited, the forerunner to Eastman & Associates Limited.

The Company has grown under her stewardship and her enterprising eye, to expand both functionally and growth wise.