Subscriptions for individual HR Pro Products.

  • Eastman and Associates Ltd Job Analysis Service for individual departments allows companies to do Job analysis on a per departmental basis and therefore cost are much more manageable than doing a job analysis for an entire company just to analyze the state of a specific department. Eastman and Associates incorporate our new HR Pro System which uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to mine years and years of HR data to produce the best results. - DATA MINING AT IT'S BEST.
  • TAKE THE FEAR OUT OF STAFF MANAGEMENT by registering for the Eastman and Associates Ltd outplacement support service. This Service allows companies to handle their staff management with confidence. No more need to interrupt the stability of your company by doing an outplacement drive via the entire company. Companies can handle outplacement with much more precision and stability by doing outplacement on a departmental basis.
  • Outsource redundant departments that have high-cost associates to staff and payroll management. Now companies can outsource departments that are necessary but do drain the company of its resources. Departments with high staff requirements cost most companies too much Time, Resources and Money. Solve this problem by registering for the Eastman and Associates Outsourcing Service.
  • Eastman and Associates Ltd offers a Perf0rmance analysis by department. This service gives a company the insight into the performance of the company on a department by department basis. It will show performance drains or boost, Productivity Leaks, Management performance and redundancies.