The New HR Pro System

Eastman and Associates Ltd introduces the NEW HR PRO SYSTEM. This is the first of its kind in this hemisphere. We will be introducing the first AI (artificial Intelligence) recruiter to the region.

Psychometric Testing

Eastman and Associates Ltd offers Psychometric testing to candidates to give them an advantage when going to an interview or researched by an employer. Register and get a psychometric test at an affordable price.


Eastman and Associates Ltd offers a true and tried service called outsourcing. An Employer will allow Eastman and Associates to manage all their staff from payroll to dress code. It's the most economical HR system for Companies

The HR Pro System

Our new HR Pro system uses AI Artificial Intelligence) to modernize the recruitment process - Data Mining at it's best. Services offered with this new technology are Job Analysis, Performance Management, and Compensation Management.


Focus on your core business and lets us handle your recruitment through the entire employee lifecycle; we optimize talent management, reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Psychometric Testing

One tool in the recruitment process that larger companies tend to rely heavily on, but is often overlooked by smaller businesses, is the personality assessment. Personality testing, also known as psychometric testing, is designed to predict how people will behave in the workplace. In other words, it attempts to predict how the candidate will work, rather than worry about whether they have the technical skills to do the job. It might cast light, for example, on how the candidate will work under pressure, how they will interact with co-workers, or whether they will fit into a given team, given the existing team members' personalities.

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