Ms Valarie Granger is an Independent Consultant specializing in Organization Development, Talent Management and Development, Outplacement and Transition Services, Customer Relationship Management, and Personal and Career Coaching. She is a Certified Coach, trained in Quantum Shift Coaching Techniques at the Career Coach Institute, USA; a Director of Business and Technology Services, Trinidad, and a Partner of La Touche & La Touche Management, Accounting and Training Services, Grenada. She has over twenty years extensive experience in Human Resource Management and has worked in senior management positions in Canada and Trinidad & Tobago, and as a consultant for the past fourteen years in both the Public and Private Sectors within the Caribbean Region.


Ms. Granger is an Honours Graduate in Marketing Administration, Humber College, Canada, the holder of a Certificate in Psychology (Ryerson, Canada), has participated in several Advanced Human Resource Management Programs, USDA, Washington D.C., and the Canadian Society of Training and Development (CSTD)s, Ontario, and studied Psychology/Sociology at York University.   She is the holder of several academic scholarships and awards including the prestigious RCA Award for Marketing and the Toronto Women’s Advertising Award.


She directed one of the first comprehensive Outplacement Advisory Services Unit in Trinidad and Tobago for the Government of Trinidad and Tobago (Ministry of Trade & Industry) which provided a wide spectrum of outplacement services for displaced workers of state enterprises i.e. The Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), The Tourism Development Corporation (TDA), the Management Development Centre (MDC),  and the Export Development Corporation (EDC). The Unit had an outstanding track record of an 85% plus placement success rate and was also successful in training approx 5000 members of the Civilian Conservation Corps in “World of Work” workshops.    Ms. Granger has also provided Outplacement services to employees of the following organizations:


  • Petroleum Company of Trinidad & Tobago Ltd.: 2002
  • BWIA: 2003
  • National Broadcasting Network: 2005


Ms Granger was a Resource Member on a Cabinet Appointed Working Committee to develop a Handbook on Human Resource Planning for the entire Provincial Government of Ontario.  These Guidelines became the cornerstone for Human Resource Planning throughout the Ministries of the Ontario Public Service. She directed the first Human Resources Research function for a major telecommunications company with responsibility for providing creative solutions to corporate HR issues; and developed and implemented the First Human Resource Business Plan  for a major organization in transition.


Ms. Granger served as a Member of the Board of Directors of the North-West Regional Health Authority, Trinidad and Tobago with prime responsibility for human resources at the board level. She headed the Human Resource Sub-Committee of the Board.  During her tenure the Board’s key focus was the transition of the health services sector from under the Ministry of Health to autonomous regional health authorities.



  • Program Design
  • Development of Program Materials, exercises etc.
  • Program Preparation
  • Design, copying and coordination of Handbooks/Manuals
  • Training and Program Facilitation  Fees
  • Miscellaneous and Administrative Costs including rental of Videos/DVDs



Fees are inclusive of:

  • Personal Coaching Sessions
  • Email/telephone support between sessions
  • Relevant handouts, assessments and exercises chosen to meet the needs of the Client
  • Written follow-up notes from the coach.



  • I believe that Ms. Granger possesses a great wealth of knowledge and I was very happy to have her as my coach.
  • This has been a tremendously positive and enriching experience for me.
  • The opportunity to be coached came along at a time when I really needed some assistance/advice/guidance in key areas of my life
  • My coach’s approach to me was very open and honest, I felt like she was someone that I’ve known my whole life..  I would gladly repeat the experience and refer others as well.
  • As a result of being coached I try to see situations from the other person’s point of view
  • It was good to have someone to talk with about issues that were important to me.
  • It was a gift, every aspect of my coaching and timing helped me overcome my fears, just in time when my life is taking a totally new turn or level.